Thanks for helping support the Mississauga library community!

Huge thank you to everyone that supported my book signing for the Friends of the Mississauga Library in July!

Through eBook and print sales I ended up raising $250 for the organization and 31 copies of Remy’s Dilemma ended up in the hands of my fellow bookworms.

In case you’re wondering about the photo, the dorky head in the back-centre to the left is yours truly at his first-ever book signing.

The Mississauga Central Library gave me my first opportunity to venture out into the public and tell people all about Remy’s Dilemma, and for that I’m very grateful (they also bought a copy to put on their bookshelves).

I was extremely disheartened to hear about the funding cuts to libraries across Ontario and decided to do what I could to help out libraries in my hometown.

Thanks again everyone, I greatly appreciate your support.

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