Stuck in the house? Read a silly book, it’s free!

Good morning to all my fellow bookworms!

While enjoying Day 5 of my self-imposed quarantine this morning (post attending a large trade show in the U.S.), I was trying to think of a way I could help lighten people’s days during this tense time.

Whether it’s been a good book, a funny movie, playing pranks on my wife (sorry baby, love you!) or tapping away on my keyboard, humour has always been my go-to for de-stressing when I’m feeling tense. 

One of the best compliments I’ve ever received from a few of the readers of the Remy Delemme Series is that it has made their tougher days a little lighter. That’s pretty much all I’ve ever hoped to accomplish with my fiction, so with that, I’d like to make as many people’s days as light as possible.

I have uploaded a PDF of Remy’s Dilemma: Book I of the Remy Delemme Series to my author website and made it free to download for everyone during these strange times.

So if you’re feeling tense, and looking for something ridiculous to help pass the time at home, follow the link here and pick up your copy of Remy’s Dilemma on me!

Happy reading everyone, stay safe!


Andrew Snook