Rock to Road article makes Top 10 in the world!

One of my favourite articles I’ve written in all my years on Rock to Road Magazine is “Fossil Fuel: Aggregate Industry Unearthing Ice Age Fossils.”

Turns out I’m not the only one who enjoyed the article. 

Fossil Fuel was just awarded an Honourable Mention Award at the 2022 Tabbies for making the Top 25 B2B Feature Articles from English language publications around the world, coming in at No. 7 overall!

*Added bonus: It was the top-ranked feature article from a Canadian B2B publication 🙂 

Big thank you to Bill Gowdy, Brock Helm and Chris Jass for taking the time to let me tell this great story!

And to the Tabbies judges for seeing the editorial value in an article that was a little outside-the-box from regular industry coverage.

Anyone interested in checking out the article can read it here:

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