Big wins at NYC Big Book Awards!

I have some amazing fiction news about my books!

The NYC Big Book Awards, which is a competition for traditionally published and independent published books, just announced the 2022 winners and I’m super excited to make two big announcements!

My dice-rolling, monster battling, make-your-fate, game book, Dungeon Jest: The Ruby of Power, has been named 2022 Specialty Book of the Year!

Huge thanks to Jeff Fowler for his amazing artwork and to Corey King for the incredible inking of all the images! 

I’m also very excited to announce that Remy’s Dilemma: Special Delivery earned the Distinguished Favorite Award for taking 2nd place for NYC Big Book Awards Comedy Book of the Year! 

Huge shout-outs to my eagle-eyed editors Nicole North and Rosanne Lake for their great jobs with both of these books, as well as to Jack Adler for his great work on The Remy Delemme Series!

And, as always, a huge thanks to my wife, Cristine, for all of her incredible support, and for constantly re-reading my silly scribbles, and for helping me create the world’s largest tree diagram for Dungeon Jest to ensure all of the paragraphs connect properly!

Special thanks also to FriesenPress for helping me create great quality books!

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